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Unlocking Smartphones (Except iPhone)


To unlock Smart Phone other than iPhone, input Unlock Code into your smart phone.  The unlocking code for each phone is different and it is generated depending on phone’s IMEI number.

How To input Unlock Code to your Phone


Send information about the carrier name, model number, IMEI number of your smart phone you want to unlock.  Click here for details how to find the IMEI number.

Please fill out the following request form and submit it. .

 All fields are required. If the form is not complete, we can not process the request.

Carrier Name:

Model Number:

IMEI Number:
First Name:
Last Name:
Telephone Number:
E-mail Address: 

Step 2:

We will email you if your smart phone can be unlocked by an unlock code based on your information.

Step 3:

Purchase the Unlock Code now.

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Step 4:

We will send you the unlock code and instruction on how to input the unlock code by email after recieving your payment.