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Smartphone Repair Services

Repair is less cost than purchase of new phone


Why don’t you repair your broken smartphone rather than buying a new one?

The warranty of your smartphone does not cover any damage caused by your negligence such as a broken screen by dropping, a broken connecter by rough handling or water damage, etc. If you do not have carrier’s cell phone insurance, you may have to buy a new phone at a higher price. If you want to get a new cell phone that is good deal, you must sign up an additional two-year contract again.

A new smart phone is fairly expensive unless you sign a two-year contract.  It is a clever solution to repair the damage rather than purchasing a new one because it costs you only $50 through $200 (depending the damage) and makes yourself free to move any direction in this quick changing world.

We offer free pick-up and delivery service and provide 30-day guarantee.



Fill out the following Repair, Estimate & Inquiry Form and submit it to us.  We also accept your inquiry about repair by phone.

Repair, Estimate & Inquiry Form

Based on the information from you, we will contact you regarding your request by e-mail or phone.

E-mail or call us when you decided to repair your phone.

Three options are available for receipt and delivery;

1. Free pick-up and delivery: The service is offered to areas within about 20 miles form our office in downtown Bellevue, WA.

 We can pick-up and deliver at extra cost if you request the areas between outside about 20 miles and within about 30 miles of our office in downtown Bellevue, WA.

2. Shipping to us: You can send the phone to us.  We ship your repaired phone back to you with shipping charge prepaid.


Pack you phone with air cushion or something to protect your phone from any damage during shipping. We are not responsible for any lost or damages due to mishandling.



Please keep SIM card inserted because the SIM card is used for testing.  If your phone is shipped without SIM card, we test with our SIM card; therefore, it is not guaranteed that your phone works correctly.



If your phone is locked by password, the unlocking password may be needed for repairing process.



We do not touch your phone data in principle, however, we may access if it is necessary for the repair.








3. Carry-in Repair Service:  Please let us know the time you are supposed to drop off your phone in advance. We tell you when you can pick up after repair is complete or we can deliver the repaired phone to your specified location where should be within about 20 miles from our office, downtown Bellevue.

Example of Part Replacement Fees

iPhone 3G/3Gs

Touch screen or cracked glass

$80 or up

LCD screen

$85 or up

Charging or Docking connector

$75 or up


HD2 touch panel assembly (LCD display and Touch screen)

$200 or up

HD2 Touch screen

$125 or up

Please contact us for further information.


Read the disclaimer carefully and order the repair.

  • Our repair service is not under the warranty of manufacturers or carriers.
  • The manufacturers or carriers warranty for may become invalid because of repair or modification by third party.
  • If the phone is dropped in the water (water damage), our estimate and final cost to repair may be drastically different because it is very hard to diagnose the trouble inside without disassembly and physical checkup.
  • It may take long time depending on damage.
  • The damage of your phone may be beyond repair.
  • The phone data may be changed or lost depending on the parts to be repaired.  We recommend that you back up the data before the repair order. We are not responsible for data lost or data changes.
  • Replacing screen or display may change hue. Also, replacing a switch/button may change the touch feeling.
  • When a touch panel or LCD screen is replaced, a screen protector film does not come with the repaired phone. You must apply it again at your end.

when you drop the phone in the water:


  • Pick up the phone from water immediately and take out the battery and SIM card from the phone.
  • Do not turn on the phone when it is still wet.  If you do so, the phone may be seriously damaged that cannot be repaired.
  • After the battery and SIM card are removed from the phone, excrete water and moisture from the phone as much as possible by wrapping it by absorbent paper towels or cloths or airing by an electric fan.
  • It is strongly recommended to send the phone for repair within 3 days at least; otherwise, the repair cost may be higher or become impossible to repair due to unexpected corrosion.