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JAPAN SIM card enables you to use your current cell phones even in Japan at low local rate without international roaming


No More Rental Phone, Prepaid Phone or Pocket WIFI

Outgoing calls are at 85 cents per minute to Japan domestic numbers and to major foreign countries.
Incoming calls are FREE.

Unlimited data for $59.00/month (metered rate till 2MB usage)


You just need to insert the JAPAN SIM card into
your iPhones, Android or other 3G/LTE/4G capable cellular phones, then


  • You can use your phone immediately after arrival in Japan.
  • Japanese local phone number is assigned to you forever. So you do not have to tell your family or friends your new phone number again and again.
  • You can make Japan domestic calls in Japan at Japanese local calling rate without international roaming ($0.85/min).
  • You can make international calls in Japan to US and other major countries at the same rate of Japan domestic ($0.85/min).
  • Incoming call is FREE.
  • You do not have to pay contract, monthly or activation fees*.
  • You pay only airtime you use later (post-paid). You do not have to recharge or waste airtime minutes left.
  • You do not have to pay Japan's sales tax as it is billed in US dollar.
  • You can get a detailed phone bill. So you can easily get manage your business trip expenses.


JAPAN SIM card is issued by Softbank, a leading Japanese cellular phone network provider (carrier)、which enables you to use your current cellular phone in Japan without international roaming.


The price includes shipping and handling fee of $8.00. This item may be subject to 9.5% sales tax for customers in Washington.

Select a type and size of SIM card you want from the dropdown list below, then

Click "Buy Now" button to purchase your JAPAN SIM CARD.

Select SIM card type and shipping
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Please enable Cookie to access PayPal pages. The SIM card is sent in the postal mail. The prices above include S/H charges ($8.00) for delivery to US destinations via Certified Mail or foreign countries via 1st class international mail. Washington residents need to pay WA sale tax of 9.5%. For International customers, you may use International Registered Mail service for more secured delivery. In case you want to use the International Registered Mail service, you need to add $14 for the service. Please select "Int'l Registered" in "Select SIM card type and shipping" above. JQ Phone does not take any responsibility for lost SIM cards in the mails.

Requirements to use the JAPAN SIM card

Your cellular phone must meet the following two conditions.

(1) 3G (UMTS 2100MHz or 800MHz) and/or LTE/4G supported

Most of T-Mobile and AT&T phones support UMTS 2100MHz (called W-CDMA 2100MHz or HSDPA 2100MHz). CDAM2000 phones of Verizon and Sprint are not workable with the JAPAN SIM card.

If you do not know whether your phone is compliant with UMTS 2100MHz/800MHz, please check your manual or contact the manufacturer.

If you use iPhones (iPhone 6S or later), LTE/4G speed is supported

(2) Unlocked phone

SIM lock is a kind of methods that a network provider programs to prevent handsets from being used on other networks than the network provider. In order to use the JAPAN SIM card, your phone must be unlocked to accept Softbank's network.

You may contact your phone's carrier for unlocking your phone first. If your provider does not unlock it, use our iPhone Unlock Services.

Softbank Mobile Phones

If you have Softbank phones (except Android phones), you can use it with the JAPAN SIM card without unlocking. Those who live in Japan and use a Softbank’s prepaid phone can use this JAPAN SIM card. Using the JAPAN SIM card is very economic even for users in Japan because all you have to pay is only what you use without monthly fee. Your iPhones are factory unlocked or officially unlocked by their original carrier, the JAPAN SIM card should work with them. Softbank supplied Android phones do NOT work with the JAPAN SIM card.


Initial Costs


All you have to do is just to pay only air time you used by credit card (Visa, Master and AMEX). Unlike prepaid phone, you do not have to worry about running out of air time minutes or recharging. Incoming call is free. There is no Japan sales tax on the air time charge.

Annual Fee

For 1 year after activation, no annual fee will be required

From 2nd year onward after the activation, annual fee of $8.00 will be charged. Even in case that the first contract is cancelled within 1 year and a new contract is made afterward, the annual fee will be required after the 2nd year from the initial contract date. The annual fee of $8.00 on 2nd year and afterward is applied to JAPAN SIM card activated after 1/27/15.

Calling rate of the JAPAN SIM card in Japan


Outgoing *5

fixed lines

Cell phones

Voice mails


Direct call *1

$0.85 / min.

International *3, *4

0063 call *2

$0.85 / min.

Direct call

$1.75 / min.

TV call


$2.35 / min.


$9.50 / min.


$0 (free)

Text message


Domestic: Sending SMS to Softbank phones.

$0.12 / message

International: Sending SMS to GSM phones.

$1.40 / message

Incoming from Softbank phones and GSM phones

$0 (free)

Data *6

Until the data usage reaches to approx 2MB in a month

$0.297 / 10KB
Maximum data charge for a month $59.00 / month

*1 "Direct call" means just to dial destination number. For example, just press 03 4550 1525 if you want to call to “03 4550 1525 ”.
*2 "0063 call" means to add 0063 prefix before dialing the destination number. For example, If you call to “425 123 4567” in US, dial “0063 1 425 123 4567”.
*3 USA (48 continental states and Hawaii), Canada, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Ireland
*4 International calls to other countries than specified in Note 3 are $2.35 / min.
*5 Outgoing calls to satellite-telephone are $10 / min.
*6 For data exceeding 7GB in a month, its speed rate becomes 128kbps.

JAPAN SIM cards can be used only in Japan

Q & A

  1. We can ship anywhere in the world.
  2. You can get Softbank’s phone number.
  3. Although JAPAN SIM card uses Softbank’s network. this service is different from Softbank’s domestic mobile services in Japan.
  4. JAPAN SIM card can NOT be used outside Japan.
  5. An email address such as “XXX@softank.net.jp” and MMS are not available but you may still enjoy SMS message or Web mail such as hotmail, Gmail, etc. POP3 mail is available if your phone supports it.
  6. JAPAN SIM card supports Japanese language; however, such multi-language capability is subject to your phone's settings.
  7. You can use the JAPAN SIM card with Softbank supplied phones even without unlocking except Android phones.
  8. Softbank supplied Android phones can NOT be used with the JAPAN SIM card.
  9. JAPAN SIM card works with iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as long as they are factory unlocked.
  10. If you use the JAPAN SIM card with Softbank supplied iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, no unlock is required.
  11. 4 different types of JAPAN SIM card are provided, Nano for iPhones, Nano for Android, Micro for Android and Standard for Android. JAPAN SIM cards for Android can not be used for iPhones and vice versa. Please carefully select the JAPAN SIM card you need.
  12. Windows Phone and BlackBerry are NOT supported.
  13. JAPAN SIM card must be activated via internet before use. Once you activate it, you can use it at any time.
  14. You are required to register your credit card for your airtime payment when activating.
  15. It will take up to 3 days that your JAPAN SIM card becomes ready to use after activation. Please place an order well in advance of your arrival schedule
  16. You must activate the JAPAN SIM card within a year after you receive it. JAPAN SIM card can not be activated after one year so that it becomes invalid forever. We do NOT accept any responsibility for any loss resulting from the invalidation due to no activation within a year.
  17. If JAPAN SIM card has not been used for 18 months after activation, it is temporally deactivated to prevent any unauthorized use. Contact us to reactivate it when it is necessary. The re-activation is also free.
  18. By Japanese law, you must submit a copy of your government issued ID such as driver license, passport, etc. when activating. If you deny it, JAPAN SIM card can not be activated. We will not accept return of the JAPAN SIM card for the reason that your JAPAN SIM card can not be activated due to your denial of submitting a copy of your ID.
  19. Data charge of the JAPAN SIM card is metered up to approx 2MB in increments of $0.297/10KB. Even though your data usage exceeds 2MB per month you will not be charged more than $59.00, which is the maximum monthly data charge.
  20. Monthly Data usage is calculated from the first day of a month to the last day of the month.
  21. JAPAN SIM card does not work with CDAM2000 system cellular phones (Verizon and Sprint) because their network system is different from Softbank.
  22. Emergency calls to such police, fire stations, ambulance, etc. are free.
  23. Calls to toll free numbers are NOT free. Airtime to make the calls will be charged based on Direct call rate ($0.85/min).
  24. Calls to Softbank's numbers are also chargeable.
  25. JAPAN SIM's phone numbers are not portable to any other carrier.
  26. You can not specify or request JAPAN SIM card phone number. It is automatically assigned in a random manner.